We have 2 servers running Zen6.5 and I tried upgrading them to the new
support pack today. One server installed with no problems, the other says:

We are unable to determine that ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 is
installed on (my server name). This can be caused by not having sufficient
rights to the target server. Be sure that ZENworks 6.5 is installed and
that you have rights to administer (my server name) before applying this
support pack.

It is running Zen 6.5 on Netware 6.5 just like the other server, and yes I
was logged in with admin rights. Doing a packet trace I can see the
installer is running an ZDMREG.NLM and checking the output of a text file,
which contains this text after running zenquery.ncf:


Any ideas why the install is not detecting Zen on the server?