First - something is up with the forums. First time I tried to post this,
it asked me to log into some server? Hit back and post, and it failed to
post. So hopefully this doesn't get posted 3 times. I'll try again:

Problem: Zenlite crashing, Zenworks service fails, Zenapps cannot install
as unsecured or secured user.

Analysis: I have determined that the zenapps that are running when I get
the Zenlite errors and the service crash are zenapps that have either text
in the description or text in the administrative notes.

I have since removed the text in description and administrative notes and
have yet to see any zenlite failures. Though I am not certain this
completly solves the problem.

Also, M$ article seems to fix
this for some reason, though I am not 100% certain - nor certain why. The
VMware machine I've installed this patch on dies often after I've
installing the patch, so it's not a production fix. Maybe it is dieing
(completely black and locked up) when it would otherwise crash Zenlite?
Don't know.

Before I figured out the removal of the text (above), I created a zenapp to
auto restart Zenworks service after it fails. This prevents further errors
stating that the zen app could not find the zenworks service to run the app
as the secured or unsecured user. Basically, copy SC from the W2k resource
kit to %windir%\system32 or use the one that comes with XP and create a zen
app to run once that runs
with parameters of (all one line)
failure NALNTSERVICE reset= 3600 actions=
and working directory of

Hopefully this helps others, and can be fixed.