I'm finally to the point where I must get rid of my NW servers, but, may be
allowed to keep ZFD (am using 3.2, and, want to upgrade to 6.5).

I understand that there are a few issues, but that you CAN run ZFD in a
Windows-only environment, but, would like to pick the brains of those that
have done this:

1. We currently have an NW4.11w/SP9 Tree and all users use Client 4.9w/SP2
and the ZFD components. Not quite sure on how I'd setup the new system, I
know I need to run eDirectory on Windows, but, do I want to use the same
tree, or different tree?

2. We already use a dual network login system--user names and passwords are
created in both NDS and ADS, so how do I integrate the ADS-eDirectory DirXML
thingie into this system--I'm assuming I can't just remove all accounts in
one or the other system in one fell swoop.

3. I just read in this forum that ZFD 6.5 won't work on Win2K3, you MUST
use Win2K--is that still true, as, we've been mandated to use Win2K3 servers

Thanks. Would be interested in hearing from those who've been through this!
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Bill Bradley