We do not allow usage of IE in our network, however, when installing ZfD
v6.5 workstation agent from zfdagent.msi, I receive the follwoing error
"Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 + later is required to be installed prior to
running this apllication."

I cannot proceed any further with the installation. Our browser standard
is Mozilla v1.7.5 (browser only) and a few Firefox v1.0 users. Also, we are
running Win2K SP4 with IE "disabled" - icons are deleted. The IE version
that comes with Win2K SP4, I believe is v5.0 but not sure.

1) How can I install the ZfD v6.5 workstation agent without having to
install IE v5.5 SP2 or later?

2) Are there other workarounds from an installation point of view??

3) How is Novell doing this while migrating off of Microsoft products on
the their workstations???

Cheers, Matt