I installed ZfD 65 SP1 today. The installation proceeded/completed without errors. However, when I try to configure the database in an updated Console 1 (1.3.6), I get a message saying: "Unable to connect to the inventory database. Ensure that the database object properties are set properly, and Database is up and running"

The database is (or appears to be) up and running. The Zenworks inventory screen on the console says that upgrade service has run and that the database is connected.

When I try to configure the database with a version of Console 1 that has not been updated, it allows me to configure, but then says
"The configured database is not a compatible database. You are trying to access the later version of the ZENWorks database." when I try to get "More workstation information".

Anybody have any ideas? The configuration is two leaf servers rolling up to a single root server, all on NW 6.0. The database is the default SyBase setup and was working fine before I applied the service pack.