We recently installed ZFD6.5 in a mised Win 2k and XP SP2 environment. My
question involves managing the Windows XP policies. I am selecting
separate policies for 2K and XP, and then making these as close to
identical as possible. However, when I go to edit the XP policies I am
bombarded with the following messages:

POP up box labled Administrative Templates.

The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been

The next is detailed information about the string. For example: This
policy settint lists network files and folders that are always available
for offline use. This ensure that the specified files and folders are
available offline to users of the computer.\n\nIf you enable this policy
setting, the files you enter

This message (with different detail information pop ups about 50 times
every time I open up an XP policy.

Thanks for any help.

George Sorrells