I am trying to create a fresh install of Console1 on a workstation so that I can test my inventory DB before I call Novell. I am having a problem in that I can no longer configure the Sybase database in Console 1 even though the database is up an running and happily storing scans (see discussion above about SP1 breaking my inventory DB).

I downloaded the latest C1 (1.3.6d) from Novell and also the "latest" Zenworks 6.5 snapins. However, they are the original snapins, and not the SP1 versions. I have rummaged around in the SP1 install files, but it is not obvious where the newer snapins are hiding. I don't want to copy the files from the server, because that's where I got the copy I am having trouble with.

Can anyone tell me how to find the SP1 snapins or how to extract them from the SP1 install files?