Problem Environment - Network 6 sp5 server which previously had Zen 3.2 sp3 installed - this server was upgraded to Zen 6.5 sp1. Created App. object to install the new MSI-based Zen Agent with all features enabled. Made changes to login script to detect whether workstation already has 6.5 agent installed or is still on 3.2 - this works and the appropriate NAL launches fine. Now, when I login as a user on an older NAL 3.2 workstationwith association to the Zen 6.5 sp1 agent installation app object (force run, once) the 3.2 NAL loads correctly and then launches the MSI-based 6.5 agent installation, which appears to run OK until it is about 3/4 way done and then it stops with the following error: "Unable to access needed network resource (D01E)". Am logged in at workstation as "administrator" user with Admin rights to the server. FYI - workstation novell client is 4.90 sp2 with the Zen components selected. Thanks for any help on this one.