We have a windows only environment and are configuring remote sites
through a single static NAT.
The zenworks server (wsimport, inv & rm) and middle tier are on the same
server, which has a static NAT to the 'extranet'
We have installed ZFDAgent only (i.e. no Novell client) on an 'extranet'
site and provided name resolution for zenwsimport and the middle tier
server to the NAT'd 'extranet' ip address. The firewall has been
configured to allow communication on port 80 (i.e. ZFDAgent<->MT server)
However, the workstation is not registering...

Looking at the firewall log shows a connection to port 80, but
simultaneously we see an attempt to connect to port 8039...?

I know that tcp 8039 is used for wsimport, but surely the request should
go through the middle tier server (i.e. port 80)?

Any explanations/suggestions welcome!!