Our management is interested in installing Zenworks. We have had very
little contact with the program, but we are asked to present a plan for the
installation. We don't know even where to start.

We have like 150 Windows 2000/XP installation and like 10 Windows 2000 /
2003 / Netware / Linux servers.

1) Do you think we could properly install/manage/maintain a Zenwords system
just with the online docs, or a proper training should be needed? I think
it's not an "enter,enter,enter-setup" kind of system.

2) What would be needed in terms of server side? O/S, Hardware recommended?

3) How many hours in laboratory phase would be needed to get the handle of
the product?

4) How many hours would be needed to install the product in the 150

5) What else?

What worries us the most is to get proper handle of the product, use it in
its full capacity.

Can you help me?