We were just informed that, in order to use the DirXML password synching
with ZFD 6.5 (on Windows, only, no Novell servers) that a service or DLL
needs to be loaded on ALL Domain Controllers in our Domain.

I've got some issues with this:

1. We're a very geographically separated ADS 2003 Domain, with 9 sites
(setup in 9 separate OU's) and 20 DC's, and, I only will be running ZFD
within my OU. I don't "own or control" any DC's outside of my own OU, and,
putting a "required-by-a-Novell-product" piece of software on servers
outside my area would not be greeted warmly.

2. Our Domain is part of a large Forest, and I have no control outside
of my own Domain (am just a Domain Administrator, not an Enterprise

Has anyone found a workaround to having to load this service or DLL on ALL
DC's? Can the users be directed or IP subnetting used to limit the DC's
that they talk to, so only those DC's would have to have this service or DL