I have a new NetWare 6 SP5 server that we have just setup recently. We
have several services setup on this server such as DNS/DHCP, GroupWise 6.5
(and GroupWise WebAccess & GropWise Messenger), iFolder, and iPrint. Our
network consists of about 300 workstations. We are considering setting
up Zenworks so that we can do policy-based management of workstations and
remote control of workstations. We don't have a need to do computer
inventory, computer imaging, or pushing out of applications through
ZenWorks. We do these things through other programs.

So, my question is would it be too much to load up ZenWorks on this
current ZenWorks server or should I set it up on a separate NetWare
server. I know, it partially depends on how big a server I have. I
don't have the complete specs in front of me right now, but its a Dell
server with 2 Xeon processors, several gigs of free space on it's RAID
drive, and I think either 2 or 3 GB of RAM.

What's your recommendation? Thanks!