I have always assumed Zenworks to be too much product for my situation (sole
IT guy for 100+ user company--all users use Windows 2K/XP), though I've
often been interested in having it to do some of the mundane workstation
management tasks (building/buying PC's, installing OS and apps, configuring)
that take up 99% of my time.

My network is largely Netware 6.5, though I have one NT server I use almost
exclusively for Windows authentication and profile management.

I have been considering SLES 9 for the NT Server, but have never understood
where Zenworks fits into the Windows authentication and profile management
picture. Though I gather Zen can manage roaming profiles, does it offer
anything that would allow me to dispense with the domain I currently use to
keep me from having to register every user on at least one workstation?

I am not ready except in a very piece meal and limited way to consider Linux
desktops, so I'm thinking I will still need a domain and PDC around. I'm
soliciting advice on which way to approach this other than what I've already
been considering (SLES 9 as a PDC).

Please take a little time and offer me some details. Thanks.