Hi all,

I’ve been going through the articles in this news group and I’ve read the Novell documentation. Here is what I’m planning to do.

We are currently using ZEN 3.2 for apps deployment, policy management, inventory, automatic workstation import and imaging.

Our environment consists of:

500 W2K machines with Client32 4.9 sp2
ZfD 3.2 sp3
25 Netware 5.1 sp7
eDirectory 8.7.3

Please feel free to comment/correct the following

Since Zen 6.5 cannot run on Netware 5.1, I will be installing Zen 6.5 on a few Netware 6.5 servers. This means that I will have to versions of Zen that will coexist in my tree for a short while.

1) Extend eDirectory schema.

2) Install Zen 6.5 on the Netware 6.5 servers and make sure not to modify any Zen object with the new snapins… that is, keep working with the Zen 3.2 snapins until all workstations are upgraded with the new agents.

3) Currently, Nal is launched from the login script, because of this, I will use of the “Exist.exe” utility and modify the login script to make sure that workstations with new agents don’t use Nal from the network.

4) Install Zen 6.5 agents on the workstation (this will be done over several days). I will configure these workstations to point to the new Import server using a registry key. From what I understand, the Zen 3.2 apps, policies and inventory will (or should) work with the Zen 6.5 agents.

5) When all workstations are upgraded, modify the zenwsimport entry in the DNS.

6) Then start using the Zen 6.5 snapins and the new Zen 6.5 features.

The only thing I’m not sure of is the inventory. Can the database be migrated…do I have to create a new database, new objects…any insight would be appreciated.