I will be undergoing our first zenworks implimentation shortly and am
currently slogging through the 1037 pages of docs. A couple of questions
have popped up:
Currently 160 users, 130 workstations.
Workstations run the gammut from W95 - XP (no ME) RAM from 32MB-256MB
Clients vary from 3.1 - 3.4
2 servers NW 6.0 SP4 on Netware
I will probably add a W2k3 server to facilitate patch management (though it
irks me)

1- Is there an advantage to putting the zenworks workstations, etc. into
their own tree? Is so, what, and under what circumstances would you
advise this. Is this advisable for our scenario?
2- What prep work needs to be done to plan for this? Is there a document
that can help with this?
3- Is there a good tutorial somewhere aside from the dmadm documentation?
Maybe a test/lab type scenario to play with before hand?
4- Is there any lessons learned sites that I can run through?