We're having a very strange problem here. We're testing with the latest
zenworks 6.5 and we've run into what seems a big problem.

When we try to distribute applications (based on AOT-files or MSI) on
workstations with ATI Rage videocards the screen either freezes completely,
goes black or very strange lines start running over the screen. The strange
thing is that when this happens the application still continues to install
and if we wait long enough before we reset the workstation the application
is installed. I've allready done some research and there seems to be quite
some problems with ATI cards in combination with various zenworks aspects.

Now you would probably say that we shoud try to upgrade the driver but the
thing is this isn't possible. The official ATI Rage drivers do not
recognize the card during setup so we're stuck using the driver cd that
came with the cards. Also updating to the latest and greatest DirectX
didn't show any improvements

All these problems go away if I simply swap the ATI card for a simple
NVidia Riva card. Now everything works as it should. But doing this on all
workstations just isn't an option (approximately 200 workstations with this
king of ATI card).

Has anyone got some suggestions or solutions for this problem?

Kind regards,
Bart Bylemans