I'm trying to get my company to buy ZFD 6.5, as they are making me get rid
of our NW servers (4.11) and ZFD 3.2.

I understand that I have to run eDir on a Windows server, and have User and
Workstation objects in it, and, fully intend to have it duplicate my ADS
tree, but, was wondering, if ZFD works using the SYSTEM account, is there a
real need for ADS to eDir password synchronization to have to occur?

Reason I'm concerned is that our ADS Domain is geographically huge, with 22
DC's, and...I won't be allowed to install any software on them, so, won't be
able to load the DirXML password synchronization stuff.

I was hoping though, since I won't really be using eDir, that it wouldn't
matter about the passwords?

Anyone ever run ZFD in a Windows-only environment and tried this?