Not an Issue as I have resolved it, but a FYI

I have a customer who has gone from ZfD2 (yup, two) to ZfD65.

Workstations are Win2KSP4.

Installed Novell Client 4.9SP2 and the the following patches.

49psp2_lgncx_4.exe Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 LGNCXW32.DLL

49psp2_nwfs_8.exe Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 NWFS.SYS

49psp2_novnpnt_2.exe Novell ell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 NOVNPNT.DLL

49psp2_nwslp.exe 100K Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 NWSLP.SYS

49psp2_srvloc_3.exe 165K Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 SRVLOC.SYS

49psp2_pkd_utf8.exe 5342K Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2+UTF8 Update "D"

49psp2_pkd.exe Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 Update "D"

ZFDAgent 6.5.04

The Problemn occures with NAL pre-launch scripts, if an application
has a prelanch script, the app crashes, and a ZenAgent Error is

By regressing the Clinet back to 4.90 SP2 (native) the apps function
as expected without any inssues.

Additionally, Client 4.9.1 (OES Client) and ZFDAgent have the
same issues.


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