I installed to eval, I ordered the product, a competitive upgrade. I got this eCertificate with the product name "ZENworks 6.5 Suite 1-user Annual Upgrade Protection e-License". Is this a product license, or just an upgrade protection? It hat has an "Activation Customer Identification Number" on it. I can't find any URL that says Enter your ZEN65 Activation Customer ID Number. Is there such a link? Then this TID 10095221 says "Delete the old ZENworks Licenses object" and then install the correct one. How do I "install the correct one?" I don't see a Wizard or a ZENworks tool in COnsoleOne, I see nothing in iManager or Remote Manager to do with it. I knew putting it all to use would be tricky, I didn't know just licensing the thing would be such a labyrinth. Anyone have a How-To?