We have been having difficulty with the remote agent install feature
working correctly. Do not know what has changed but it no longer will
push the agent out to the workstations. I have a .pad file that works
great for removing the agents. I have a .pad file used to distribute the
agent that had been working well until recently and don't know of
anything that has changed. I have re-created a new .pad file and it does
not work either. The errors received are as follows -

Most often this failure
Failed-unable to copy file to target

Occasionally this failure
Unable to map drive to admin$ share

I have verified that the machine and account where the remote agent
install utility is running from are able to map the admin$ to the
machines that we wish to push the agent out to. This issue occurs with
multiple source machines and destination machines.

Agent distributor.exe version is dated June 2004. Workstations
are Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

I'm not to sure where to start on this one. Any help would be