We have a NW6.5sp2 2-node cluster which was running ZfD401sp1 (ir4). We
upgraded to ZfD65, then applied sp1a. Now that it's all up and running,
there is now an additional screen I wasn't expecting, don't want, and
would like to get rid of. It reads:

"Using ZENWORKS:\ZENWORKS\zfs-startup.log as the log file.
The ZENworks service loader is loading the modules specified in:
Module started: com.novell.application.zenworks.services.console.C onsole
Module started:
com.novell.application.zenworks.services.webserver .ZenWebServer

ZENworks Server Management>" followed by a blinking cursor.

I have not installed Server Management, and this customer doesn't have a
usefulness for ZfS, so this screen appears to be useless. How do I rid
their site of this annoyance?

Thanks In Advance,