Hello NG!

I recently installed Citrix Metaframe Presentation-Server 3.0 on a Windows
2003 Server machine which has an Netware Client (4.90SP2) installed.

We run Netware 6.5 with ZEN 6.5Sp1 and i want to publish applications via
NAL and/or Webinterface.

Now, when i try to install the ZfD Agent (newest Release) on the Windows
2003 Server the install wizard tells me, that "a third Party GINA is
detected and it is possible that the GINA stops function when i contiune
installing the Agent"!

Thats true,..*grrr

When i continue installing the Agent after that i cant execute Published
Applications without entering the credential for NDS-Login or "local Windows
Login". Every Time a GINA pops up.

Without the Agent installed everything works fine by only entering one time
the credentials i.e. at the Citrix Client Properties. When i launch a
published App via the Citirx PN the credentials where passed fine and no
GINA pops up.

Whats happend!?

I think that i have the right Registry-Settings:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu rrentVersion\Winlogon]

Have anyone the same issue?