I am experiencing a rather strange intermittent issue with the ZENworks
6.5 and ZENworks 6.5 SP1a Desktop Agents. On certain workstations (so
far with Windows XP SP1 and SP2) once the ZENworks agent is installed all
mapped network drives appears as "Disconnected Network Drive" in Windows
Explorer. However, they are actually connected and users can access and
use them. After a period of time the drives will actually become truly
disconnected and reauthentication to the network is no longer possible.

At this point users uninstalled the ZENworks agents, which did not
resolve the issue. So they uninstalled the Novell Client and this
prevented Windows from even starting (Safe Mode still worked). The only
TID I found related to Disconnected Network Drive only applied to Novell
SecureLogin and the Chinese Language. It was resolved with an update to
SecureLogin (which we are not using). Has anyone experienced this? Any