Hey there all,

I talked with a few of you at Brainshare, so I thought I would post it

How can I upgrade my policies to Windows XP sp2 without rebuilding the
entire policy?

I am running Zen 6.5 sp1a on a OES Netware 6.5 sp3 server. My workstation
is Windows XP sp2.

When I open the existing policies, they are still XP Sp1. When I create a
new policy, it XP SP2.

I got some advice to open the policies on a Windows 2003 server running the
new ADM's. When I did that, it said that it was going to upgrade the Zen
Group Policy from OS:5.1 SP:2 to OS:5.2 SP0.0 So I did it. What a mistake.
I can only open the policies now on the Windows 2003 server. I can no
longer open the policies on a Windows XP sp2 machine. I guess this wouldn't
have been a big deal, however, even then the policies were not upgraded.

Now, I do not want to create all the policies from scratch. Any better