Hey guys. I am about to upgrade from Zen 3.2 to Zen 6.5 on the server. I
have several policies in place using 3.2, mainly Dynamic Local User
policies, that use the built in client that came with Client32. My question
is this. When I upgrade to Zen 6.5 on the server, at what stage do I need to
roll out the Zen client on the desktops. Do I do the Zen client roll outs
first? Will that break any Zen 3.2 policies I have enforced on those
machines until I can upgrade the server some weeks later? Should I do the
server upgrade first and let it use the client that is built in to Client32
until I can roll out the Zen client? Will that even work?

I know that is throwing out a lot of questions there. My real confusion is
the Zen client vs. Client32 and what each can and can't do. I am trying to
plan an implimentation to 6.5 and don't know how to go about it. Thanks.

-Russell Ezzell
Network Administrator
Missouri Western State College