We have win 95 workstations yet, so we need to run Zen 3.2 on our main

Recently installed a new NW 6.5 server and put Zen 6.5 on it. Everything
seems to be working fine. We only installed desktop management, as that's
what we really need to get functionality with Terminal Server 2003.

Now that we have 3.2 and 6.5 on two separate servers, I need to know the
proper way to apply policy packages. I tried to make a new policy package
using the Zen 6.5 snap-ins, but I can only apply one user policy to a

I did not do an "upgrade" on the new server, but installed Zen 6.5 from
scratch. We didn't use helpdesk profiles and such, just desktop
preferences, user extensible policies, and Remote Control policies (as Zen
6.5 displays properly).

Is it ok to use the Zen 6.5 Snap-ins (on my new server) to manage the
existing policies without breaking the functionality of these User Policies
with my Zen 3.2 clients? I looked through the documentation, but did not
find anything saying that.