I wan't to install ZEN 6.5 Desktop Management for evaluation on a Netware
6.5 SP3 server. When it want's to extend the schema the install program
comes with an error :

04/05/05 09:00:26 am -- ZENworks Schema Extension Summary for IETEE-TREE

04/05/05 09:00:26 am -- Processing ..\..\schema\schema.txt
04/05/05 09:00:47 am -- ERROR: Unable to extend schema for ZEN 3.0. Error
code: 3484104/05/05 09:00:47 am -- ERROR: There was a problem extending
the schema. There may be a problem with your directory. Use NWConfig to
diagnose and repair any problems, then re-run the schema extension

There is no problem when running DSrepair. Anyone else have the same
problem ?