We've been using ZFD 3.2 for a couple of years now, and we need to make a
decision about the future of Zen in our organization soon.

Background: I am responsible for PC's in my organization. There are
approximately 200 users working on 150 deployed computers on a fairly small
campus (5 minutes to walk to the farthest workstation). We have about 26
printers, and 15 Servers: 4 Novell (5.1 patched regularly), 11 Windows (2K
patched regularly).

Two years ago, my boss had ZEN and NDPS set up by a 3rd party vendor. We
got a half day crash course in Zen, and have found it to be nothing but a
nuisance since then. NDPS lasted about 1 month before we couldn't deal
with the headaches it created. Not only did we abandon NDPS, we even went
away from netware printing altogether to direct IP printing which we have
found much more appropriate for our environment.

Here is how Zen has worked out:

Zen features that work well and we use:
-Dynamic Local Users
-Imaging (used with boot CDs only)

Zen features that are inconsistent so we rarely use:
-Remote Control

Zen features that we eventually abandoned because of problems:

I have also observed that the scans that are performed for workstation
Inventory slow the PC to an absolute crawl (leading to complaints from users).

It is my opinion that we should abandon Zen altogether, create a domain to
handle workstation/server authentication, and find a third party imaging
system. None of the other features of Zen are attractive to me given the
size and makeup of the organization.

My boss is holding out hope that she can getting something more out of ZEN.

I'm looking for feedback...understanding that we don't have any ZEN
expertise in house and that our local vendor is clearly not reliable, what
would you do in our position?

1) Stay the same (use imaging and DLU) on the deprecated version of ZEN, 2)
Upgrade and try to fix the problems, or
3) cut our losses (abandon Zen) and find alternative solutions.

Sorry for the length of this message, and thanks for your input.