ZfDS 6.5SP1 talking to a Microsoft 2000 server running eDirectory as well
as using Middle Tier server as most clients have no Netware client.

Our NDS tree quit responding, as it does from time to time, around 3am today.

A reboot clears this up, no big deal. However what is concerning is how
much bandwidth has gone away right at 3am. This is the third time this
has happened, so I am seeing a clear pattern.

I use MRTG to chart just about everything. As of 3 am, most of the remote
workstations have dropped from an average of 5-12k/sec to under 1k/sec.

When you have 10-20 stations connected over 128k pipes, this is a big deal.
The pipe usage on remote sites has gone down from around 30 - 50k a
second to under 1k a second.

Worth mentioning, we haven't had any new Zenapps for a while nor have we
any users at most of the remote sites at 3am.

I understand Zenworks requires some overhead, but this is substantial. Is
there any registry entrys I can use to tune this? I have noticed when I
incriment the distribution version of a Zenapp, most stations are pretty
quick to catch this. Maybe these checks can happen less frequently?

Thank you;

Edwin Davidson