This could actually be two questions in one.

I have installed ZFD Agent onto a number of workstations (so that we
can remote them from our head office). There is no Netware client on
these machines, but we have also put ZFD onto machines with the Netware
client and are having the same issue.
After it is first installed you have to log onto the ZFD login (the
ability to change the middle tier is gone) so all they have to do is to
use either thier network logon details or click workstation only and use
the local Windows limited account.

This has now changed on some machines and you only get a Windows login
screen (the ZFD seems to have disappeared).......why???

My second part is .......

When the users log onto our Windows 2003 TS, using a Citrix connection
we are trying to use DLU so that when a user logs on they will get a
default profile and when they log off thier username will be deleted
from the Documents and settings......
They are getting the local user profile but it is not deleting the
users after they log off.... why??

I dont know if these things are anything to do with one another, or
some completely different issues? We have that many different systems
in operation here I dont even know what board to post on (Windows,
Citrix, Zenworks or Netware)

If anyone could point me in the right direction for either or both of
these issues I would be grateful