Hi, i am looking to upgrade from Zenworks 6.0 to Zenworks 6.5. I have
noticed that the licensing model/method has changed between the two. With
Zenworks 6.0, provided you could install from the proper production media
(and not the Demo media), you could set it up and it will run for however
many users you require. Then, you would purchase the neccessary number of
licenses so to be properly and legally set up.

If i purchase a 1 user eLicense for Zenworks 6.5 and it is inputed as it
is requested during the install process, is it correct to assume that
only one ZFD workstation cann be managed and not more until a license
with a greater user count is upgraded to? Of course, this is in the
situation where i am using the Zen for Desktop features of the package.

Can anyone elaborate on this?