I attempted to upgrade ZDM 3.2 SP3 to 6.5. I included all components
aside from the Inventory Proxy Server, Imaging Server and PXE Server.
The entire install appeared to run without issue until the very end when
I was prompted that the install had failed.

Pre-install steps completed successfully
InvDB components NOT installed on xxx
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on xxx.
Error: Error copying files to server. Be sure that no ZENworks
Desktop Management files are open or locked."

So, I checked and someone had accessed the inventory database through
ConsoleOne. So, I retried the installation. All the components I
selected are greyed out as if to indicate that they are installed on the
server. If I click next to begin the install I get the error...

"String index out of range: -1"

The same error comes up on multiple workstations and I am absolutely
sure that no ZEN related files are open on the server in question.

How in the world can I get this install going again?

I'm stuck in limbo with what appears to be a 99% complete install (based
on a comparison of my zfdtemp logs wih those from the lab servers I
tested this on).