Ive a serious problem after upgrading from
zfd 4.01ir5 to zfd 6.5 SP1a. On some workstations
Im getting a blue screen or the workstation is
rebooting after logging in. Ive seen the following


Ive tried to recreate the policy-packages, but no
change. For a workaround, the following works:

(1) Login workstation only
(2) workstation is coming up successfully
(3) when desktop is active, I try another login
via novell client, now it works without the reboot.
(4) after refreshing nal, I can get access to my

My system: ZFD 6.5 SP1a is installed on a NW 6.5 SP3
server, eDir, ZFS 6.5 SP1a, Sybase for both
products, MidTier, Imaging

Workstations: Windows 2000 SP4, Novell Client SP2 +
Pack-D, ZFD 4.01ir5-Agent, IE6 SP1

Any suggestions?