I can't put my finger on this one. ZfD 6.5SP1. I've deployed this
before without issue.

From zenwsimp.log

Apr 19, 2005 12:20:29 PM javax.naming.NoPermissionException [Root
exception is com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException: ccode = -672
(0xfffffd60)]; remaining name 'WORKSTATION00:D0:B7:53:FA:A1'
Apr 19, 2005 12:20:29 PM Could not create the workstation. Make sure
that you provide rights for the service by adding the appropriate
containers to the containers list in the import policy.

The workstation container is in the container list in the import policy.
I've added the workstation's parent container also. I've
double-triple checked the rights on the workstation container in the NDS
tab. The import policy appears, and it has what seems like correct
rights. I've compared the info from the assigned rights button to a
known working config, and it matches. The All Attribute has C R and W,
Entry has B and C.

I've deleted the Server package and recreated it a couple of times. I've
run DSREPAIR after deletion and used a fresh install of C1 (1.3.6d, with
ZfD6.5SP1 snapins) to re-create the server package. I've set up the
import policy under the General setting and the Netware setting. Nothing
seems to have an impact.

There are no others errors that I've seen, although I don't see this
error in dstrace. I launched DSTRACE and set it to +all and then
searched the log. No errors at all... An occasional skulk on a different
server, but those clear.

I used DSBROWSE to browse for hidden policies after I deleted the
existing object using C1. All I found were entries for deleted items.

Could ths be some sort of Java issue?