We are running Netware 6 and 6.5 and currently have a Zen 4.01 ir4 box
set up. I'd like to replace the aging box with a new zen server using
netware 6.5 and zenworks 6.5

We have PXE set up and configured on all our switches and routers for
imaging across vlans

Which way would be better(the same services will be on the new box)?

1. leave the old box up and set up the new box with a new IP address
and shutdown the zen services on the old zen box once the new box
reboots and is going to come up(we will still have to change the
helper address on the switches so PXE will work). Then copy the data I
still need to the new box. take the old box down and remove it from
the tree.

2. Copy the data on the old box I need to some place,take the old box
down, bring up the new box, plug in the old box's IP address, install
netware 6.5, and then zenworks 6.5, make sure everything works(not
sure this can be done this quick, in a day), copy the data to the new
box, remove the old box from the tree.

I will have to change the DNS name to reflect the new IP in scenario 1

Any help would be appreciated.