I have installed ZenWorks 6.5 Desktop Management and after the snapin is
installed to ConsoleOne I can no longer open user or group objects. All
other objects open just fine. I have tried the ZenWorks DM 6.5 snapin
with the following versions of ConsoleOne: 1.3.6, 1.3.6c, 1.3.6d, 1.3.5.
I have tried it with ConsoleOne installed locally to a Windows 2000
computer and a Windows XP computer with the NW client version 4.91.

I have downloaded the snapins from the Novell site and I have used the
snapins from the Zen DM 6.5 disks, all with the same result.

I can delete the Zen directory from C:\Novell\ConsoleOne\bin\snapin\ and
user objects and group objects open correctly, however I no longer have
the Zen for Desktop snapin.

There seems to be no documentation on Novell's site around this issue,
either in the KB or in the forums.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.