We just upgraded our zen server in our home office location from 3.2 sp3
to 6.5. We're also in process of upgrading our remote servers to
netware 6.5 and zen 6.5, however all of our remote locations won't be
done for another month or so. Each remote server is in its own
container. So our tree looks something like this:

--home office
--remote location 1
--remote location 2
--remote location 3
--remote location 4


So far, we haven't used the new c1 zen snapins. We've made sure to use
a copy of c1 that has the old zen 3.2 snapins. However, we need to
install a new citrix box and we're having issues with citrix on windows
server 2003 working with the Dynamic Local User. It appears that we
need to use the new snapins w/ zen 6.5 in order to get the DLU to work
w/ the new win2k3/citrix box (because 6.5 has a seperate associate for

Would it be possible to use the new c1 snapins only on the user policy
package in each container? Would this have an adverse affect on the 3.2
agents that are still in use?