I was moving our Inventory Database to a volume without compression.
(deleted inventory entries in Zenworks.properties file)
During the reinstall of the Zenworks 6.5 Inventory Server I recieved
the following error: 1082: Unable to assign Inventory Service object as
trustee of the NCP server.
I looked up TID 10097386 and it matches exactly what occured. I
followed the recommended fixes but I still get an error in
zenworksinvservcie log:
[4/28/05 14:36:05.167] ZENInv - Service Loader: Exception while
getting/adding status record in
ServerCommonStatusLogger.com.novell.zenworks.deskt op.inventory.statuslog.ZENStatusException:
Error in reading the NDS
[4/28/05 14:36:05.167] ZENInv - Service Loader: Error Type 15 Error 603

Also the Zenworks Inventory Service Screen shows:
Inventory Service Error Code 603 603: Unable to read the Inventory
Service Object in Novell EDirectory.
Logger Screen Displays
java: Class com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.servercommon .
ZENWorksInventoryServiceManger exited with status -1