NW6.5 SP2 on all servers with eDir 8733.
Installed Zen 6.5 and applied snapins.
Can no longer open user or group objects.
Issue is consistent on all client computers running C1 (Windows 2000 and
XP). Tried C1 versions 1.3.5, 1.3.6, 1.3.6c, and 1.3.6d.

I can take my laptop with C1 installed local and connect to a different
tree (with NW6.5 servers and ZEN 6.5) and C1 works correct with the Zen
Snapins. User and group objects open correctly.

I connect back to my tree and I can not open user and group objects.

What could be specific to my tree that would cause C1 to not allow me to
open objects after applying the ZEN snapins?

Should I uninstall ZenDM6.5 and reinstall it? Could this be caused by a
bad install?