Ok, this is probably a dumb question...

On our root server, we run the Zenworks services. At each site, there is a
server policy for importing workstation, but there isn't a zenworks services
running on each server.

Is something supposed to be loaded on the site servers? The workstations
seem to be getting registered to eDir, but in the wrong OU on the site. Ex:
we are setup as:


and the workstations seem to get imported into the User OU, not the
Workstations OU. The policy is set for:
create workstation object in: User Container
path: Workstations.

If I change the setting to Create workstation object in "Selected Container"
and point the Path to the Workstation.Building2, then it will work. BUT, it
seems to create workstations from Building1 in there as well. Is this
because users from Building1 can authenticate to Building2 server?