I am currently setting up a test environment pror to rolling out Zenworks
6.5 in our production tree. I have setup a NW6.0sp5 edir 8.7.3 server and
installed Zen6.5 Desktop management on it. So far so good.

The problem I am having is the workstations do not import either
automatically or with zwsreg.exe. I am using The Zenworks 6.5 Suite Book
Dayley/Tanner and setting things up acording to the instructions in
Chapter 3. The workstations never show up in consoleone and on the Netware
Server Workstaton Import Service console screen ,nothing happens.

Nothing is showing up in the workstations registry that I can find.
shows nothing pertaaining to imported state.

Could someone point me ,or link me to info pertaining to basic workstation
import troubleshooting? I need some help figuring this out. Thanks for any
and all advice.