We're working on putting in a new OES Netware server to replace a 6.0
sp3 server. Thought we'd do the latest iPrint, iManager at the same
time (still on queues, so this is a major upgrade for us). Also
installed Zen6.5 on the server. iPrint works, but the workstation
iPrint policy (General or NT/XP/2000) doesn't seem to push out the
driver when we associate the printer (W2ksp4 workstations, 4.9sp2
client and 4.01ir4 agents). If we attempt to manually run that policy
in the scheduler it doesn't do anything. Tried upgrading the Zenworks
agents to 6.5. No change. Upgraded the client to 4.91 and the policy
pushed out when manually run from the scheduler. The iPrint policy is
set to run after User Login. When I look at what is scheduled, it says
it is set to run randomly (what does that mean??). Anyway, it doesn't
seem to work with 4.90 sp2.

We'll be doing client 4.91 and zen 6.5 agent, but this is for the