Hi People,

I have a task to introduce ZENworks 6.5 into a new environment.

The ZEN features I shall be introducing will be :-

NAL, MSI and Snapshot.
Desktop Imaging.
License Management.
Inventory and/or Asset Management.
Citrix Integration.

The existing IT staff have already invested heavily into VMware ESX 2.5 for
hardware consolidation,and they are looking at purchasing VMotion to move
around VM's etc. VMWare is a paramount strategy here for hosting mixed OS etc.

eDirectory, DNS/DHCP, SLP, LDAP all hosted under NetWare 6.5.

Primarily centric environment [Citrix for some remote sites] fat pipes.
1100 users / workstations.

Can you see any problems/pitfalls of hosting a ZENworks 6.5 [NW6.5]server
on a VMWare machine ?.

Have you any tips ?.

We have lots of storage, but I am concerned about memory and NIC's.