We're about to install our first zfd 6.5 server (currently, we've got
zfd4 deployed)and we're confused about a couple of issues.

During the install phase of the desktop managemnt server, you're provided
with options to install server-based components for application,
workstatio and remote management. What are these server-based components?

Just as an example, we thought that remote management was a transaction
between the management agent on the workstation and the management
console.Where does the server-based component come in?

In general, we understood that zfd components, which used to to be run
from servers in pre zfd4 version had been transferred to the management
agent residing on the workstations. I guess that's the reason for our
confusion relating to the server-based components (unless this merely
applies to snapins and utilities).

Also, can workstations be remotely controlled across the internet? and,
if so, what are the pre-requisits?