41 Sites (OU's) connected to our District Office via T-1 lines
15 NW 6.5 servers
8 NW 6.0 servers
30 NW 5.1 servers

Only one nw 6.0 server has Zen 4 installed on it and is running the
Workstation Import and Removal, Inventory and Sybase ath the DO.

All workstations register/import no problem right now with the DO server.

There are over 5000 workstations this summer we will be rolling out new
workstation images to several sites.

1. Is there an actual zw 6.5 client?
2. Is there a zw 6.5 agent?
3. What is the difference between a client and agent?

4. If the workstations have the 6.5 agent/client installed on them, will
they still communicate with my server 4 server?