Previously I wrote about power problems I am having with WXP and Zen. I
had a response, but with information I already had. Here's the thread of
troubleshooting I've done. It seems something in Zen is causing this
issue. DLU is configured as well as Roaming Profiles, but nowhere is
anything configured for power management in the workstation policies....
Here's the steps i've taken, the initial problem is below:

I've done that with some success. Here's the scoop:
I made sure no policies from ZEN were configured for any power settings.
I logged in as an admin user (with local admin rights)
1) modified power policy under .default (1min monitor off)
2) logged out - waited 1 minute.... policy worked.
3) logged back in as same user. logged out. again, 1 minute worked.
4) logged back in, created a new user on server (with non admin rights)
5) logged out - waited 1 minute, monitor shut down.
6) logged in as new user, logging out each time the power policy still
*7) i restarted the computer. this seems to cause the issue.
8) on restart, policy before logging in worked.
9) logged in as admin user, then logged out.
10) this is where it broke. machine never went to monitor off mode.

In starting over, I can recreate this each time. It seems after a restart
and first user login/logout the thing doesn't revert back.
I checked the registry each login and found the settings were still intact.

Any ideas?

> Prior to logon the settings for the PC are read from the location below
> ----------------------------------------------
> Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
> ----------------------------------------------
> You just need to ID the reg keys you need to change and update this part

> the registry.
> wrote:
> > I have a unique situation I'm hoping someone else has had and solved...
> > We use NW 6.5 and Zen for Desktops with 300+ Windows XP Workstations.
> > We have the power settings in policies distributed for users on login

> > screen saver settings and power settings (not to standby, hibernate,

> >
> > The problem is, when the user logs out, those settings are reverted --

> > machine goes into standby mode causing some issues.
> >
> > We've spent hours playing with the registry modifying values, but

> > windows still reverts to a default of standby after 20 minutes or so.
> >
> > We've tried a powercfg.exe tool, but with same problems.
> > Anyone else had this issue?
> > Thanks!

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