Before the upgrade we could do remote control with an exclusion in the
XP firewall for Remote services. Now that we have 6.5 running (or
limping I should say) remote only works if we totally kill the XO
firewall. Anyone know what settings to make as exclusion to allow it to
work but still maintain the firewall in general? Please answer this.

I say limping as the Sybase runs but dumps once in a while then comes
back up - no error code, just Server Socket error. We re-created the
policies and havebeen able to import and take inventory. just seems
flaky. There might a snap in issue too. There seem to be serval
versions and some work sometimes, but on another machine does not -
different version does. Please comment if you can.

General wierdness - gradually gettng better and this might just be an
issue of give it some time. Any thoughts?