That's the error I get when trying to use the agentdistributor.exe in zfd
6.5. I know the docs say that error is caused by servers not being in time
sync but... there is only one server in this test tree.

I even tried to distrib to the machine I was running the agentdistributor on
itself and got the same error.

My goal is to install zen 6.5 on a netware 6.5 server and I have approx 400
XP and 98 workstations to import. I wanted to use the agent distirbutor to
automate the install on the agent.
Objective #2 is to have the windows hosts file also edited or copied to the
target machines because we can't use the DNS method of specifying the
zenwsimport server.

I'm trying this method because the Adminstudio that came with zfd 6.5 is
very confusing to me.

any ideas?