I am going through a Zenworks Desktp management installation and am
running into a couple of problems.
History: Novell 6.0. I upgraded console 1 to 1.3.6d, edirectory from
8.6.2 to 8.7.3, extended the schema, installed Zen Destop manager (on
novell), Installed Middle tier server on the novell box and am installing
Patch management on a W2k3 small business server.

I was told by tech support to install console1 on my local machine (I have
already put it on the server.) I did so. I installed edirectory plug in
and ZDM6.5 snapin.

When I launch console 1 from my workstation, the hourglass indicates that
it is launching, but I never see a console 1 screen. The console1 process
is running, but there is no screen. I uninstalled from add/remove
programs and reinstalled. No change, no luck.

Any ideas?