The documentation and questions in the newsgroup ask the reverse question of
Zen 4 agents against a 6.5 server. I would like to know any pitfalls of
using at 6.5 agent against a 4.01 SP1b server. We are migrating to a new
tree (company merger) with Zen 6.5 servers and will not be upgrading the
current servers to Zen 6.5 anytime soon. We would like to add the newest
agents so that when the workstations migrate to the new tree with 6.5 they
will already have the 6.5 agents.

Knowing all that is there a list of considerations of processes that will
not work when running a Zen 6.5 agent workstation against a Zen 4.01 Sp1b
server? Or is the Zen 6.5 agent fully compatible with the Zen 4.01 servers?